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    Jenny & pooch

    Running a small business can be invigorating and inspiring as well as challenging and confronting. My intention in writing this is not to whinge but to shed some light on the ‘light’ and the ‘dark’ side of running a small business. I started House and Pet Sitters in Perth, Western Australia because it’s my backyard Continue reading…

    Gift idea - pet portrait

    The festive season has been and gone, however there are always birthdays, anniversary’s and ‘just because’ reasons to buy something special for your pet or a four-legged friend in your life. Check out the following gift ideas for pet lovers; A Custom Pet Portrait                        Continue reading…

    House and Pet Sitters often comes across interesting and valuable information that is worth passing on to whoever is interested. For example, Katie Finlay from iheartcats.com pointed House and Pet Sitters to this story about a cat owner who almost lost cat because of a common household item. The fur-baby in question is Ollie. He Continue reading…

    Pet Owners Pre-Travel To Do List

    Okay, so you have decided to take a break and book a much-needed and deserved holiday – hooray! Apart from contacting Jenny about booking a House and Pet Sitter there are a bunch of things pet owners need to think about, consider, check and/or do before leaving home. Don’t panic, we have created a Pet Continue reading…

    The Christmas holiday season is upon us and can be both a very joyous and stressful time for both us and our furry family.  Here are a few tips to ensure your pets are safe and comfortable and can enjoy the season. If you are having friends or family come to your home to celebrate Continue reading…

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!