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Below are a collection of questions we are asked by clients exploring the avenue of using a house and pet sitter for the first time.

After being in business for more than twelve years and completing more than 15,000 house and pet sits we know and understand that people can initially be anxious about someone living in their house and taking care of their beloved pets. This is why we offer a unique, caring and highly personalised service.

House and pet sitting is when you arrange for someone to live in your home while you are away on holidays, business or in hospital, in exchange for free accommodation.

There is no better way for you to gain peace of mind than to have a registered house sitter and animal lover, who is reliable and chosen by you, to care for your beloved pets, home and garden.

You avoid imposing on friends and family, who have their own demanding schedules to do this for you or having   to reciprocate for them when they go away.

Our service is unique in that we do most of the hard work for you. House and Pet Sitters application process saves you time screening those who may be seeking information and those who simply are just not suitable. Why go to the bother when we can do this for you?

We will visit you in your own home when you have confirmed your booking and paid the non-refundable deposit, to meet you and your pets and answer any questions you may have (more information is provided in Client Term’s and Conditions document you will receive after your booking is confirmed).  Then we match you with a sitter/s who most closely fits your and your pets’ needs.  Your selected sitter/s will then contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time to meet you and your pets.  If you are happy with the selected sitter, we then proceed to the next phase. If you are not happy, which in our experience rarely happens, we select another sitter for you to meet.

All our sitters have undergone an extensive extensive interview and induction session. They have usually owned their own pets so understand that as well as the basics of food, shelter, exercise and medical care they will also provide provide love, affection, freedom to play and a continuation of their routine in their own environment.

You will be required to complete and sign documents regarding the care of each pet and instructions for the house and property. A set of these documents must be returned to HPS and a copy must be left in your home, in an agreed location, for your sitter before you depart.

Your pet’s diet is controlled by you and will be maintained by the sitter. Depending on the length of the sit, clients usually leave enough food for their pets or, alternatively, leave money (incidentals) with the sitter to buy food and other things as required.  At the conclusion of the sit, all receipts for purchases will be left for you.  Our sitters can give medication and they will make sure your pets follow their usual medication routines.

All our sitters require a current Police Clearance Certificate. If sitters have joined the team from overseas and have not been in the country for any length of time a local Police Clearance is not relevant.

In these cases Passport and Visa Details are sighted. Information from Government Authorities state it is more difficult to get a visa approved than to obtain a Police Clearance.

All our sitters pay a Security Bond. We also have Public Liability Insurance cover.

No – House and Pet Sitters have a strict ‘NO PARTIES’ Policy. Clients can also nominate how many visitors a sitter can have on their property during a sit.

Yes – most clients are away from their homes for one, two or three weeks however we cater for clients who are away for up to two years. If necessary and there is availability we also have sitters available to do short sits of just a few days, for example, when clients attend hospital for surgical procedures. These sits do attract a higher daily rate compared to longer sits.

There are times when House and Pet Sitters will need to replace a sitter for either the whole sit or a period of time due to extenuating or emergency circumstances. If this occurs our priority is the care of the pets and property. All reasonable action will be taken to communicate with clients as soon as possible if this occurs.

The general rule is the client pays for all utilities for a sit of up to three months. If sit is longer than three months, the sitters take over at least part if not all payment of utilities. This can be negotiated between client and sitter/s. Gas and electricity can be difficult to measure exact usage for a shorter period. If however, there was to be a bill which was out of the normal range and you felt it was excessive you can contact HPS to discuss a suitable resolution.

All sitters use their own mobile phones but, if it is a matter related to the pets or home, sitters can use the landline if there is one available. Sitters usually have their own laptops but may need access to your Wi-Fi. They are requested never to download material.

You are asked to provide linen, pillows and towels for the sitter. We request a space is left for the sitter to put their clothes away as well as a space in the fridge and pantry. Some sitters do choose to bring their own linen, pillows and towels. They also supply their own food and drinks. Many clients request sitters to finish any consumables e.g. milk, bread, fruit and vegetables, rather than throw them away. If sitters use up/ finish condiments, washing powder etc., it is always replaced.

In any situation things can go wrong i.e. washing machines can break down or plumbing can fail.

In the House and Property documents provided by House and Pet Sitters, that you are required to complete before the sit, you must leave emergency contact number/s, name/s and address/es for House and Pet Sitters records and for your sitter/s.

If you are delayed returning to your home, please either call the sitter or House and Pet Sitters so we can arrange to either stay on longer or to organise cover until your return.

Cancellations made up to four (4) weeks before scheduled sit start date will attract a fee of $200. This fee covers accommodation costs for allocated sitters. As most sits are allocated quite a way in advance, it is often very difficult to find another sit with similar dates. Quite often other sits are rejected because the sitters have been booked for your sit. 

Obviously if there are emergencies such as family illness etc. this fee is negotiable.

Insurance companies may void your Home Contents Policy if you leave your home unattended for a particular amount of time. This situation can usually be averted if you place a house sitter in your home. However, check with your insurance company as we do require a valid Home Contents Policy in place for the duration of the sit.

Again, most Home and Contents Insurance should provide cover for this however I advise that you check with your insurer as to your specific level of cover.

House and Pet Sitters prefer owners ensure items of value such as jewellery and credit cards are locked away.

In the House and Property documents provided, owners are given the choice about whether certain rooms are off-limits.

Where the owner wishes to stay away longer, House and Pet Sitters will liaise with the sitter/s to determine if s/he is willing and able to stay on. In most cases this is possible, however please note, the sitter could have been assigned to their next job so as much notice as possible would be appreciated.

For more information contact Jenny Hodder via jenny@houseandpetsitters.com.au or 0400 611 840.

Relax and enjoy your holiday!