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    Trust us to care for your beloved pets and home!
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    Having been in business for over fifteen years and completing more than 15,000 house and pet sits, we know and understand that people can initially be anxious about someone living in their home and taking care of their beloved pets. This is why we offer a unique, caring and highly personalised service.

    Below we have provided some answers to some of the common questions we are often asked by clients interested in using our services for the first time.

    If you have any other questions or are interested in discussing a potential sit, please get in touch.

    House and pet sitting is when you arrange for someone to live in your home while you are away on holidays, business or in hospital, in exchange for free accommodation.

    There is no better way for you to gain peace of mind than to have a registered house sitter and animal lover, who is reliable and chosen by you, to care for your beloved pets, home and garden.

    You avoid imposing on friends and family, who have their own demanding schedules to do this for you or having   to reciprocate for them when they go away.

    Established in 2003, House and Pet Sitters has been a local business caring for Perth’s pets for over 15 years!

    Owner, Jenny Hodder grew up in Perth with her first love always having been animals – she wanted to be a vet but ended up working in media and public relations for many years.  So when she came to a point in life when she wanted a sea change, she opted for a ‘fur change’ and now, with the support of her wonderful team of sitters, cares for a whole array of pets while their owners are away.

    Personal, Local, Professional Service

    HPS is a small local business that has been providing house and pet sits for more than 12 years. All clients deal with me or my assistants personally, and get to meet and confirm their sitter well before they depart. 

    Peace of Mind

    You won’t need to worry about your pets. 

    Not only will your pets be receiving the dedicated care of an experienced animal lover, they’ll be safe in their own environment where they are most comfortable.

    My team always keep in contact with you while you are away updating you and letting you know how your fur family are going. 

    You won’t need to worry about your house. 

    My sitters are rigorously screened and trained. Each has a current police clearance certificate or equivalent government document and has paid a bond as security. House and Pet Sitters is also insured.  

    With a sitter to give it the ‘lived-in’ look your home will be less attractive to thieves. In fact, at least one insurer requires that home and contents policyholders maintain their home in a lived in state as a condition of coverage. Others do not cover properties left unoccupied for more than 30 or 60 days.


    I screen and put all my sitters through a  rigorous induction process. Our sitters have a history of caring for their own pets or a previous close relationship with animals. They know that as well as following your feeding, exercise, and (when needed) medical routines love, cuddles and play time are very important too!


    If you arrange a sit with HPS, I guarantee you will have a sitter! 

    Over the years I have often been contacted by upset people who need a sitter urgently as all their other arrangements have fallen through just before their departure. Booking early with HPS will ensure this is not something you need to worry about!

    Unfortunately, I am not always able to provide sitters at very short notice, particularly during busy holiday periods, as I only use trusted sitters who I have trained and vetted and may not have any available.  

    If something unexpected happens to your assigned sitter however, I ensure that I always have enough sitters available so that your pets and house are taken care of. 

    Attention to Detail

    HPS requests you to provide sitters with detailed information so they can provide your house and pets with the highest possible level of care and are prepared for emergencies such as the breakdown of a home appliance, damage in a storm or your pet requiring a trip to the vet.  Rest assured that while HPS prefers to have information on hand to ensure we can respond as quickly as possible in such circumstances, we will also ensure you are fully and quickly informed. 

    Professional Service

    My sitters bring all their own food, drinks, toiletries and their own computers. Some also bring their own towels and bed linen. We simply ask that you set aside space for sitters to hang clothes and store food (in fridge and pantry) to assist sitters avoid disturbing your belongings. 

    All sitters are bound by HPS rules, including no smoking and no visitors unless expressly agreed by you the client. HPS strictly forbids all parties. 

    Our sitters will not leave your home unattended overnight. Furthermore, I will endeavour to assign you sitters with a similar daytime routine so that if your pets are used to you being at home or going out to work their routines will not be interrupted. 

    Sitters are required to wash everything they have used, clean the property thoroughly and vacate before you arrive home. 

    Yes! Although House and Pet Sitters specialise in taking care of pets and houses at the same time, we are very happy to arrange a sitter to take care of your house and garden only. 

    Yes! We love pets! Please discuss any special requirements at your initial consultation with one of my team and then again with your allocated sitters. 

    It is often difficult to have my carers available for very short sits but we will always go out of our way to accommodate you if we can. The longer notice you give us the easier it is to arrange for a variety of requirements – so please give us as much notice as possible. 

    When you book, you will be sent a quote and a set of documents with questions to answer about your house and pets (if any) along with some further information. A member of our team will also contact you to arrange an initial consultation after you confirm your booking.

    At the initial consultation meeting we will discuss the sit and answer any questions you may have. This helps us allocate the sitter/s best suited to your requirements. We aim to allocate sitters as soon as possible after our initial meeting and once we have your information so you have a chance to meet your sitter and get your pets comfortable with them before you leave. 

    In the unlikely event you have any issues with your initial sitter we will allocate you another. 

    HPS requires that your home and contents be insured. Insurance companies appreciate the security benefits of having a home being lived-in. In fact, some insurance policies will not cover a home that has (or appears to have) been vacant for an extended period. Please consult your insurance policy documents or contact your insurance company for information about your policy.

    If a sitter injures themselves during your sit it is highly unlikely that you will be liable. In all my years in business this has never happened! 

    A cancellation fee of $150 will be charged for cancellations made in the two weeks prior to an arranged sit. This helps to cover the cost of arranging alternative accommodation for your sitter. 

    Changing the dates of your sit is one of the items covered in the documentation you will receive when you make a booking.

    Our rates vary depending on the length of the sit and number of pets. Quotes are personalised and sent once an inquiry is received.

    We prefer EFTPOS, but accept credit card payments, cheques, money orders, and bank transfers.

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!