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    Post date: 3rd March 2016
    Category: Pet lover

    Pets, pets, pets, they are my family. They make me smile, laugh, puff and cry. Each and every animal I come across has a different personality and they always make an impression.

    My name is Jenny Hodder and I am a pet lover, pet carer and pet advocate. This means I am well equipped with stories, information and abundant resources about our two, four and even no legged animal friends.

    I have worn a number of hats over the years but the one I am most passionate about is, surprise, surprise, caring for pets and combining this with assisting pet owners.

    For the past eight years I have owned and run House and Pet Sitters.

    My pet-family is over 1,000 strong so, what better way to share my passion than to inform and entertain our clients, supporters and fellow-pet lovers about pets of all shapes and sizes as well as animal-related topics and everything in between.

    Welcome to the House and Pet Sitters Blog – Enjoy!

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!