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    Gift idea - pet portrait
    Post date: 1st February 2017
    Category: Cats, Dogs, Pet lover

    The festive season has been and gone, however there are always birthdays, anniversary’s and ‘just because’ reasons to buy something special for your pet or a four-legged friend in your life.

    Check out the following gift ideas for pet lovers;

    A Custom Pet Portrait                           A Pet Portrait Pillow                        Customised Temporary Tattoos

    Craft with Cat Fur                                       Knitting with Dog Hair                  Cat Ear Hooded Jumper

    The Meow the Merrier Sticker Set                         Collar Keychain + Matching Necklace

    Personalised Wooden Pet Tag                                   Cat Lovers Pasta

    Personalised Cat Placemats by Little Bellies Dinnerware

    Ball Dispenser                              Dog Lead Hook                           Pet Hair Remover

    Canine Travel Bag and Padded Mat

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!