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    Post date: 31st August 2021
    Category: Featured Post, Pet tips

    When it comes time for you to travel out of town for a fun getaway or vacation or go on the road for a business trip one of your main concerns will of course be – who will care for the pets?  Your pets are part of your family and if you can’t take them with you on your trip then you will want to find someone you can trust to ensure that your pets are well cared for while you are away.    

    These days as a pet owner you have many options for pet care including calling on the help of family and friends or neighbours, finding an independent house and pet sitters that are advertising their services on the many listing websites, or hiring a professional pet care service.   With all of these options available you may wonder if it is worth the cost of hiring a professional pet sitter to care for your pets.  

    What is a professional pet sitter?

    Let’s get started by answering the question of what makes a pet carer a professional.   A professional pet sitting, or house-sitting service provides care for pets as their full-time business.  Providing a high level of care for pets is their mission and what they do day in and day out. They have many years of experience in pet care and take pride in the quality service they provide.  A professional service will have an established online presence including a website and social media pages on which they provide information about their services and how you can work with them. They will also provide information about how they train and screen their pet sitting staff.

    There are many reasons why hiring a professional to care for your pet will give you greater peace of mind and a high level of care for your pets. 

    Comfort of Your Pets 

    Pet sitters come to your home to visit pets or house sitters stay in your home with them the full duration of your absence.  Its well known that pets are much more comfortable when kept in their familiar home environment where the surroundings are familiar, and they can keep their normal routine.  Some pets can get very stressed when taken to boarding kennel or another home due to unusual smells, other animals, or strange noises.  

    The exposure of your pets to illness or injury is also reduced as they will not be in contact with other animals that they are not accustomed to. 


    When pets are kept at home you don’t have to drop them off to a friend or kennel or pick them up on your return, so it saves you time and is more convenient.  Importantly it also reduces the stress on your pet who may not enjoy travelling in the car.   Your pets will be there as soon as you return home to great you and welcome you home with unbridled enthusiasm (well your dogs will if not your cats!). 

    Jenny Hodder established House and Pet Sitters in 2003

    Reliability and Care 

    The pet sitter or house sitters’ job is to come and make sure your pets receive the best care. They are not trying to fit the care of your pets in when they can around their normal routine as your friends and family may, rushing around feeding them or walking them and then leaving. Your pet is the sitter’s priority, and they will spend plenty of time making sure they are comfortable, playing and engaging with them, or just having them sit with them while watching TV. 

    Customized service

    A professional pet care service can customize the care of your pets to match their unique needs and routines.   They have the experience to ask the right questions when they meet with you to ensure that they know everything about your pet’s daily routine and your home. They also have experience working with different pet personalities and understand how to manage different behaviour issues or eccentricities of your pet to ensure they are happy, well fed and cared for while you are away.

    While at your house pet/house sitters will also make sure your home looks lived in by collecting mail, watering plants, or doing simple pool maintenance.   This adds to the security of your home as it deters burglars or other intruders who may be on the look-out for homes where the owners are away.  Sitter will also leave your home clean and tidy when they leave so your home is just like you left it when you return home.

    Can React Quickly to Unusual Behaviour or Emergencies

    Pet sitters are experienced in spotting the early warning signs in your pets that they are not their normal selves and may need vet attention.  Some examples may be changes in eating habits, changes in skin or hair, or signs of sickness such as gum or eye colour.  Acting early and getting medical attention if needed may impact the future wellness of your pet.  

    Professional carers also know the best action to take in an emergency as they are familiar with pet first aid.  Should your pet injure themselves, eat something strange, or get stung by an insect out on a walk they will know the best way to address the issue and when to seek vet assistance. 

    A professional pet sitting service will also insist that you inform your vet that you are away and to let them know who will be caring for their pets.   This makes sure that the vet is prepared for sitters to bring in the pet if required and there is a plan in place to cover any vet care expenses.

    Has a Back Up Plan

    A professional service will have a plan available if your primary pet carer becomes ill or injured and is no longer able to care for your pets.  They will have alternative staff members on hand that can step in to take over or a dedicated emergency sitter that they can call on.   What’s important is that they will ensure that there is no break in the care of your pets.


    Occasionally accidents do happen and there may be damage caused by inadvertent negligence of your pet sitter.  Professional pet care providers will carry insurance that will cover the cost of any damage to your home so that you are not out of pocket. 

    Peace of Mind

    All the reasons above will give you greater peace of mind and allow you to rest easy in the knowledge that your pets are getting the best care while you away.  You will be able to enjoy your holiday or trip more as you will worry less about the pets at home.  Usually, pet sitters will keep in touch and give you regular updates via text or email.  They may even send you photos of your pets so that you can see they are happy and well.

    How much does a professional pet sitter cost? 

    Typically pet sitters will charge either per visit or per night if they are staying in your home. This charge will depend on the number of pets, any special needs, and the length of time that you will be away.  

    House and Pet Sitters will provide you with a quote after they gather this information from you. 

    Today there are many choices available for the care of your pets.   A professional pet care service can provide you with the benefits of experience, customised care, reliability, attention to detail, and will give you the peace of mind that your pets are getting the best care in their comfortable home environment.  Your pets are part of your family so make sure you put their care into competent hands and hire a professional pet carer for them. 

    Give us a call or send an enquiry form through our website House and Pet Sitters Inquiry Form | House and Pet Sittersto book in a pet sitter or house sitter for your next vacation or business trip. 

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!