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    Post date: 3rd March 2016
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    Remember how you feel when you wake up on those cold winter mornings snuggled up in your bed, reluctant to break the seal and let the chill in? Well, our two and four-legged pets also feel the cold and need some extra help to protect themselves at this time of the year.

    Here are 10 things to remember:

    1. During winter, outdoor cats sometimes sleep under the bonnet of cars to stay warm. When the car is started, the cat can be injured or killed. Just in case bang on the car bonnet before starting the engine to give your cat a chance to escape.
    2. Avoid trimming or shaving your pooch down too close to the skin in winter. Having a longer coat will provide increased warmth. It may be more challenging at bath time but remember to s/he is completely dry before heading out for a walk.
    3. An option for shorthaired breeds is a dry-as-a-bone or coat that covers your pooch or puddy from the base of the tail to their belly. There are plenty of varieties and pet dress-ups can be cute and fun (as long as your pet is warm and comfortable).
    4. Cats and dogs should be kept inside during cold weather. Just because our fur-babies have fur doesn’t mean they don’t feel the cold. Being outside in the cold without protection can lead to an unhappy and unwell pet.
    5. With pets spending more time inside it’s important to pet-proof your home. For example keep an eye on pets around freestanding heaters. If the heater is accidently knocked over it may burn your pet or start a fire and we wouldn’t want that.
    6. Endeavour to keep birdcages away from drafts.
    7. For outside pets make sure his/her shelter is wind and waterproof and their bed should be off the ground to minimise heat loss. Remember to change the blankets often.
    8. Make sure they have access to fresh water feed them well. Keep your pets at a healthy weight and consider feeding outdoor pets slightly more in winter so they can generate enough body heat and energy to keep them warm.
    9. Exercise for dogs is still important during winter. Yes, it may take something to get out of bed but both you and your pet will benefit both physically and mentally.
    10. Our beloved pets are more susceptible to illness during winter because their immune systems are a little bit lower due to exposure to more stressful situations caused by the colder weather. With this in mind, keep an eye on your pets and if in doubt visit your local vet for a physical examination.
    Relax and enjoy your holiday!