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Post date: 10th April 2019
Category: Uncategorised, Warning

Easter is fast approaching – but whilst it’s a great time for all of us who love to indulge on chocolate – we need to remember that this is a ‘human-only’ treat and one of the biggest no-no’s for our puppy dogs and cats.

As innocent and delicious it may seem to give them chocolate, especially when they put on their best ‘puppy dogs eyes’ – don’t let yourself be tricked.

Theobromine, the main ingredient in chocolate is potentially lethal!

While it may give us humans a little boost, it is poison for your pooch and kitty cat. 

When having an Easter Egg Hunt, make sure no chocolates go unfound.

And keep a sharp eye out on your children as they ‘love to share’, making sure they stay away from you fur babies when they’re tucking into those Easter eggs.

Should you find your cheeky pet got to the chocolate somehow, contact your vet immediately. 

Wishing you and your fur-family safe and wonderful holidays!

Jenny + the House and Pet Sitter team!

Relax and enjoy your holiday!