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    Post date: 3rd March 2016
    Category: Not a usual pet

    You love your pets and would like nothing more than to take them with you when you go on holiday. But sometimes this isn’t always possible, especially when you pets are sea anemones.

    One of our regular and beloved clients owned a fish tank with some uncommon inhabitants. As well as beautiful fish there are sea anemones in the tank.

    This makes for a slightly unusual house and pet sitting job – a cat, a dog and four sea anemones! Yes, that’s correct sea anemones – like in ‘Finding Nemo’.

    For the sitter, Karen Lacheta, the job involved hand feeding the sea anemones at times set out by the owners.
    Sea anemones come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes and often look like flowers.

    In the ocean sea anemones, which are related to coral and jellyfish, attach themselves to the sea bottom or coral reef and wait for fish to swim close enough to be ensnared and immobilised by their venom-filled tentacles.
    With this in mind, Karen carefully followed the routine of holding small fish close to the sea anemones.

    The sea anemones literally reach out with their tentacles and take hold of the food and slowly pull it in to its mouth.
    Karen said the process was fascinating to watch.

    “Hand feeding sea anemones is not something I have done before,” she shared.

    “However after spending time and receiving instructions from the owners it was quite straight forward.

    “I found it very interesting to watch.”

    Do you have an unusual pet? If so, what do you do to take care of your pet/s when you go on holidays?

    Relax and enjoy your holiday!