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    Post date: 3rd March 2016
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    House and Pet Sitters have a timely warning for pet owners that snake season is upon us as HPS sitters saved the life of a client’s beloved pet thanks to their quick response to a snake bite in the back yard.

    Marynka and Mavelin were house and pet sitting in Jane Brook recently when a commotion outside caught that attention of Mave. When she went to check on the brother and sister Airedale Terriers, Dixie (7) and Murphy (4) she found Murphy playing with what she thought was a piece of rope, swinging it from side to side in his mouth like a toy.

    Snake Bite Dixie recovering Nov2014 (2) Snake Bite Dixie recovering at home Nov2014

    When the ‘rope’ started to move Mave realised it was a snake (a 1.2metre dugite) and tried to coax the dogs inside.
    “Murphy is a good boy and when called often brings his toys inside with him,” Mave explained.
    “So when I called them in, he tried to bring the snake inside too, because to him it was a play thing.
    “After more coaxing and instructions I managed to get them inside. Everything happened so quickly and in the commotion Dixie grabbed the snake by the head and was bitten.”

    Snake venom takes affect quickly and with a pre-existing heart condition Dixie was very lucky Mave was home and that Marynka was able to leave work immediately, get home and drive both dogs and Mave to the vet.
    Mave bravely picked up the snake, put it in a pillowslip and took it with them so vet staff could accurately identify it.

    Marynka said Dixie was clearly affected by the snake bite and lost strength in her back legs.
    “As we drove to the vet she became sluggish and her breathing was short,” Marynka detailed.
    “Murphy watched his sister closely when we were in the car – he was very concerned.

    “We called the vet on the way and staff met us on the verge. They took Dixie straight in and had plenty of people working to take care of her. We received regular updates which was great and meant I was able to update Dixie’s owners.

    “We got Dixie to the vet in less than an hour and it took four viles of anti-venom to save her.

    “We were in tears in the waiting room. Thankfully the vet staff were amazing.
    After the experience Marynka has warned pet owners to have a plan in place in case something like a snake bite happens.

    “Having a system in place is really important, as well as a back-up plan,” she said.
    “We called the Dixie’s vet however they were fully booked and couldn’t fit us in. Thankfully they were able to recommend another veterinary practice and fortunately Midland Vet have dealt with a handful of snake bites in the past couple of weeks so they were well equipped to handle the situation.

    “Also, Dixie and Murphy’s parent’s installed a snack barrier in the back yard to protect the dogs because there is bushland nearby. However, the dugite came up the driveway.

    “After all the excitement we are just so glad Dixie is ok and back home with her parent’s and her brother Murphy.”

    House and Pet Sitters are so proud of the Mavelin & Marynka’s quick thinking, team work and compassion in handling this situation.


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