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    Trust us to care for your beloved pets and home!
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    When was the last time you did a HEALTH CHECK on your beloved pet?

    Checklist of potential problems to look out for in your pet/s

    If you answer “no” to any of the following questions, you should discuss the findings with your vet.

      1. Is the coat shiny and free of parasites?
      2. Are there any lumps or bumps on your pet? Is the skin free of scabs or sores?
      3. Are the stools firm and passed without severe straining? Are they regular?
      4. Is your pets’ breathing regular and free of wheezing or coughing?
      5. Can your pet walk and run without limping?
      6. Can you feel your pets’ ribs through the coat and skin? Is his weight within regular limits for the size and breed?
      7. Is your pet drinking normal amounts of water and urinating regularly?
      8. Does your pet have a good appetite and keep food down without vomiting?
      9. Is your pet active and alert without being hyperactive or tiring easily?

    Be mindful everyday, it can save your pets life!


    “A check a day keeps large vet bills at bay” © Marilize de Villiers


    Relax and enjoy your holiday!